Chooks Nights are a Thing and Women are Lining Up

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No-one ever said the end of a marriage was easy – but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun!

For many women, finalising their divorce is a time of great empowerment and the beginning of a bright new chapter. And what better way to mark this momentous occasion than with a divorce party? Forget the hen’s night, this one is all about the chooks! 

Say “I Do” to a Chook’s Night

Divorce parties – also known as “Chook’s Night” - are becoming a must-do event. They’re the perfect opportunity to gather with your besties and have an unforgettable girls’ night out. What could be more therapeutic than an all-girl, all-in divorce party? 

"Divorce is one of the most stressful times in a person's life. Recovering from this trauma looks different for everyone. If a safe but wild night helps a woman feel closure and ready to move on to bigger and better things, then it's a positive experience" said Marg Doherty, a professional divorce coach from a leading Brisbane divorce law firm

Chook’s Night Games

Just like a hen’s do for the bride-to-be, Chook’s Night can be celebrated with fun (and funny) games for the divorcee – and they’re designed to blow off some steam, say goodbye to the past, and get ready for a fresh start!

The Divorce Ceremony - escorted down the aisle by her “divorce maids," the glowing chook can be met by a “celebrant” who says a few touching words before declaring her “single and ready to mingle!” Seal the vows with a shot of something that burns on the way down. The ceremony can include whatever you choose – personalise it in any way that best honours and celebrates your beloved chook.

Trash or Cash – one way or another, the wedding dress has to go. Some chooks like to trash the dress with the help of her besties – BYO spray paint or Sharpies to pen a heartfelt “see you never!” or head to the ocean to take your gown for a dip! If the dress is worth serious money, the chook may prefer to sell it and pose for photos with the hard-earned cash!

Phoenix Rising – those wedding photos were once a treasure – and they probably cost an absolute bomb. But a true phoenix rises from the ashes – so a ceremonial burning of wedding photos is the next logical step!

Cut Him Loose – every good un-wedding ceremony needs a cake! If it happens to be phallic-shaped, that might just make cutting into all the more satisfying. Chop chop, chookies! The future looks delicious!

Pash Dare – think of this as the “reception” where the chook and her maids hit the town. Spot a cute guy (sans wedding band, of course)? Summon up your best teenaged self and dare the chook to get that kiss!

Lap (Dance) of Honour – newly divorced chooks are invited to embrace single life by heading to a strip joint and letting a ‘professional dancer’ go full Magic Mike all over them. Maybe divorce isn’t so bad after all…    

I Don’t – Lowkey Edition

Not a cowboy shots and strippers kind of gal? That’s more than okay! There are so many ways to honour this new stage of life – and if they lean into gentle self-care and luxe indulgence, then all the better.

Elegant and subdued divorce party ideas include:

Spa Days – think relaxing facials, massages, and deep convos in the infrared sauna

Glow Up with the Gals – new hair, who dis? Book a mobile hair and make-up artist to give the chook and her best gals a fresh look.

Getaway: Chook’s Edition – you know the ex who promised to show you the world and never did? Who needs him! Gather the girls and head to a bucket list destination.

No matter how you choose to mark the occasion, finalising a divorce is a huge life event. It’s up to you to write your new chapter – and if a night of lap dances and bonding with your besties is part of the journey, embrace it all!

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