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TREND HIGHLIGHT: Ring Stacking with Michael Hill

  • Written by Saville

The ring stack is a trend that is here to stay, it lets you freely customise, curate, and make your look your own. You can create a go-to stack for every day featuring versatile ring styles, or change up your stack to match your different outfits and moods. I wanted to share Michael Hill’s guide to ring stacking, as I thought it may be of interest for any upcoming trend stories.  

Step 1: Choose your statement ring

Start with your centrepiece ring. This could be a bold design in precious metals, a diamond ring, a coloured gemstone ring, or an heirloom piece; just start with your favourite ring or the one you most want to pair with your outfit. 

There’s no need to restrict yourself to certain styles when creating your jewellery layers – try using a diamond wedding band as a fashion ring, these styles are perfect if you want a balance of standout sparkle and everyday daintiness. 

Step 2: Add a dainty ring

Add a dainty ring on your next finger, to complement your statement piece. If you went with diamonds in the first step, add a fine diamond ring here for extra sparkle. To add interest, try a piece with a unique shape, such as a chevron or contoured ring. If you opted for a coloured gemstone in the first step, you could either add another ring featuring the same gemstone, a ring with diamonds, or even a different coloured gemstone that complements
your centre ring. 

Step 3: Bookend your statement ring

Now slip on another dainty diamond ring, on the other side of your statement piece. By styling your centre piece ring with a fine style on either size, you'll amplify the sparkle of your rings and create a beautifully balanced look.

TREND HIGHLIGHT: Ring Stacking with Michael Hill

The ring stack is a trend that is here to stay, it lets you freely customise, curate, and make your look your ...

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