Using Qantas Points to take off solo in First Class Luxe Style

Surrounded by Dom Perignon Champagne and Chateau d’Yquem dessert wine while indulgently sampling the contents of a $1,600 per bottle Hennessy Paradis rare cognac sounds like heaven on earth for those who enjoy a generous slice of decadence in their lives.
But this heaven is, well, up in the heavens, and these are just some of the tastes and experiences to savour when using your Qantas Points to book an Emirates A380 first class flight!
For The Champagne Mile Founder Adele Elisio and her best friend Anna Malden, their pinnacle-of-luxury moment went a step further when the pair discovered, unexpectedly, that they had the 14-suite first class cabin all to themselves on a recent flight from Sydney to Christchurch.
Adele’s The Champagne Mile travel website and online destination business was launched in 2016 to provide readers with luxury travel insights and inspire everyone to live their best travel life by leveraging frequent flyer and other loyalty programs to upgrade their experience.
She says the Emirates encounter epitomises everything about her business for, despite dripping with luxurious trappings, the savvy and sassy among us will find this to be one of the cheapest first-class redemptions one can book with Qantas Points.
“A one-way redemption costs just 64,500 Qantas Points, plus around $175 in carrier charges,” she says, adding that this is an incredibly accessible way for travellers to experience a flight at the pointy end…and right now, there’s plenty of award space available to book via the Qantas website.
“The indulgence began the moment we set foot in the flagship Qantas First Lounge, where Anna and I were treated to a pre-departure experience that included sipping on fine champagne and feasting on a Neil Perry a la carte breakfast menu.
“This turned out to be but an enticing entrée, for as we boarded the flight, we found ourselves as the sole guests in the first-class cabin.”
During the journey, the ‘besties’ enjoyed everything of the best, spreading out, kicking back and scaling the summit of sumptuousness by taking in the smooth, full-bodied and silky-textured virtues of the rare Hennessy Paradis cognac.
Adele and Anna also took time to venture beyond their fully enclosed private suite to visit the onboard bar and, had they more time, could well have freshened up with a shower at 38,000 feet.
“Sadly, with a flight time of just three hours, my only criticism of this luxury travel experience that’s now within reach of many more frequent flyer and other loyalty program members is that it’s too short!”

For more information visit www.thechampagnemile.com.au

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