Bobbi Lockyer x Nikon Australia: Top Tips for DIYing your own Newborn photoshoot

Creating precious memories of your newborn at home can be a rewarding and heartwarming experience. Whether you're a photography enthusiast or just want to capture those special moments, these tips will help you achieve beautiful DIY newborn photos.  

  1. Keep Calm

Newborns are sensitive to your energy, so staying calm is key. Don't stress about getting the perfect shot – take it one day at a time. The beauty of a DIY newborn photoshoot is that you can capture those moments whenever you want. Enjoy the bliss of the newborn bubble and don't forget to get some well-deserved rest, mama.

  1. Camera and Lighting

If you have a camera like my Nikon Z6, that's fantastic! The 24-70mm f2.8 and 85mm f1.4 lenses are my go-to choices for indoor photography. Nikon cameras excel at capturing low light, making them perfect for those intimate moments. If you don't have a professional camera, any entry level camera or modern phone can still produce great photos. Understanding your tools and making the most of the available light is the key to achieving better results.

  1. Lighting

Good lighting is essential, but you don't need a flood of light. Even in the darkest spaces, you can find pockets of natural lighting. Seek out a large window or glass door in your home and turn off overhead lights to avoid colour imbalances. Avoid using the camera's flash – it can be harsh and unflattering. Position your baby near the window, ensuring the light falls gently on their face for a soft and beautiful glow.

  1. Props (Keep It Simple)

When it comes to props, simplicity is your best friend. A fluffy blanket, a few scarves, or baby wraps can work wonders. Skip elaborate costumes and accessories, as you want to capture your baby's pure essence. Everyday items in your baby's nursery, like a favourite teddy bear or a soft baby blanket, can be wonderful props. Experiment with different spots in your home for various looks.

  1. Posing (Keep It Natural and Safe)

Opt for safe and simple poses, especially if you're not a professional photographer. Avoid forcing your baby into unnatural positions and always prioritise safety. Classic poses like swaddling or simply laying on a blanket are both adorable and safe. Remember to capture the tiny details, like eyelashes and tiny milk spots. To capture wide-awake moments, shoot right after a feed when your baby is calm and making eye 

  1. Print Your Photos

No matter how you capture your newborn's moments, remember to print your photos. It's an investment in preserving memories that can't be overstated. Hard drives can fail, but printed photos are tangible treasures that will last a lifetime. So, while you're at home, make the most of it and decorate your walls and photo albums with your beautiful newborn photos.

Bonus Tips:

To get your baby to sleep, keep the room warm and use white noise to soothe them.

Engage older siblings in the photoshoot by encouraging interaction and capturing genuine moments.

Don't forget to take a family photo – most cameras have a self-timer option. Focus on the love you share and the baby you adore.

If you have a safe outdoor space, consider taking some photos in natural light. Morning or sunset provides the best lighting, and even your backyard can make a lovely backdrop.

Tips attributed to Nikon Creator and artist, Bobbi Lockyer


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