Redefining female role models

From the pitch to the turntables…In a world dominated by superficial influences, right now Australia is shining a spotlight on sheer hard work, talent, determination and achievement of women in fields that, many years ago, were still heavily dominated by men.

Even in the aftermath of the Matildas' departure from the competition following their encounter with England, the nation's attention remains riveted on those who embody sheer hard work and excellence. As the Matildas' journey resonates on the global stage, there exists another sphere, inspiring the young spectators accompanying their families to the matches - the DJs.

As the nation proudly witnessed The Matilda’s exceptional skills on the field. This team has shown us all the true value of hard work, something that both the DJs who have been performing at the Sydney games can absolutely resonate with as they break barriers, proving to young girls and boys that dreams can become reality with dedication and talent.

Alongside the sporting phenomenon that are the Matilda’s, Ministry of DJs has been proudly showcasing two female DJs who are making waves pitch side with their unique style and ability to entertain.

DJ Jomeca and DJ Jessie James have been setting Sydney stadiums ablaze with their electrifying performances that perfectly embody female success… and the kids are impressed.

“I have had boys and girls of all ages at the matches asking me what they need to do to become a DJ. It makes me realise what an incredible opportunity this is to inspire kids to find their passion and chase their dreams.” DJ Jessie James explains.

“We are the only two female DJs performing inside the stadiums at the tournament, and it doesn’t escape me as to what this means for female DJs and young girls who love music. These opportunities don’t come around often, but we are so grateful to Ministry of DJ’s and FIFA for the opportunity to showcase strong female talent in Australia.” DJ Jomeca says.

"The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is a celebration of female excellence, both on and off the field." said Andy, the owner and Managing Director of Ministry of DJs. “Both Jomeca and Jessie have been absolutely blown away by the praise, support and requests for advice as they’ve been entertaining the crowds of over 70,000 spectators at each match.”

With a passion for championing diversity and empowering women, Ministry of DJs handpicked DJ Jomeca and Jessie James to create a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere at the Women's FIFA World Cup 2023. Both DJs bring a unique blend of cultural influences and musical prowess, embodying the spirit of unity and celebration that the tournament represents.

"We knew they’d be incredible, but it makes it even more exciting to know that by presenting diverse and talented female role models, we’re actually inspiring kids to follow their passions, whether it's in sports or music." Andy concludes.

Ministry of DJs Entertainment is proud to be associated with the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. The event provides a unique opportunity for young fans to witness greatness in both soccer and music, fostering a sense of empowerment and belief in their own potential.

In a world where external pressures and unrealistic standards can shape young minds, Ministry of DJs aims to encourage children to dream big and embrace their creativity.

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