Career Transitioning: A Four Step Plan for Admin Staff

Admin; it’s fine. It’s a perfectly fine career. You’re fine. I mean, you’re a bit bored. And the money could be better. But it’s comfortable and you work with people you like, so you know, it’s fine. Then there’s the nagging voice urging you to take steps to get a more interesting job, a better paying job, a job that gives you… more. How can you transition to a new role without blowing up your whole life? Planning.

How to transition from admin to a better career in four steps

Choose from the best available options.

Take a look at your current workplace. What parts of your current job do you like and what’s the next rung up on the career ladder in that area. Don’t think “finance admin” think “bookkeeper”. Think project manager, think recruitment officer, think compliance officer or communications officer. Don’t just move sideways, aim to move sideways, and up. Is there room to move or will you need to move on to move up. Ideally, staying where you are can fast track your career.

Identify and court key players

Investigate your future team. Learn about the future of the department and where they may expand. Look for gaps in the existing team’s knowledge. Talk to HR about your career path and find out how they can support you. Most importantly, get yourself on the hiring manager’s radar.

Look at your realistic options

What is minimum qualification you can attain to get your foot in the door. Certificate and diploma business courses can give you advanced standing for university degrees later on. For now research the fastest and simplest path to your new career. Use your current experience to apply for recognition of prior learning to fast track (and cost cut) your certification. Your career change might be a lot quicker than you think.

Plan to study

Get your friends, family and colleagues on board. You’ll need support. You may need time off. You may need childcare or assistance with fees. Rally your support network to overcome any barriers so you can transition smoothly and quickly.

Find your path

Keep HR and your new department updated on your progress and make sure that you’re top of the interview list for any upcoming openings. Don’t be shy. It’s time to forge your own path.

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