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Christmas Gift Guide –The perfect gift for the active mate, an e-bike subscription


Local cargo E-bike company Lug+Carrie run on subscriptions and has proved to be a big hit with Aussie families since its launch in 2019. Gifting a month’s subscription would be the perfect gift for those looking to spend more time in nature, while being healthier and doing good for the planet, without the commitment of an expensive purchase.

Furthermore, it can also be a great present to those interested in ensuring their 2024 starts with a health kick in the right direction, providing an enjoyable alternative transport over car or public transport.

This low-commitment gift comes in a variety of options depending on the rider’s lifestyle:

The Tern Quick Haul is right for you if:

You want to leave the car at home.

You’re a solo traveller or looking to carry 1 passenger or a small pooch.

You’re looking for an affordable and reliable way to get around town.

You want to reduce your CO2 footprint by replacing short car trips with fun electric bike rides.

The GSD is right for you if:

You need to move 2 passengers, all their things and the kitchen sink, so you can leave the car at home.

A safe, capable + powerful Lug+Carrie.

You want to reduce your CO2 footprint by replacing short car trips with fun bike rides.

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