How Women Should Embrace Growing Older

  • Written by Scarlett Vespa, Founder AGERICH

If you are not embracing your age, I encourage you to think again. It is likely you are fighting the natural cycle of life and by doing so you can cause so much more discomfort and unhappiness than is necessary. So, how do you embrace growing older?

Firstly, you must understand that aging is not being dealt the short end of the stick or that you’ve been punished for being who you are. Aging is not only normal but in many other cultures it is a respected and embraced part of life. Europeans value family and the natural cycle of life, with their elders mentoring and imparting wonderful wisdom and experience of a lived life. In Asian cultures, family is again vital, the family lineage and rites of passage are part of the life. There is something quite freeing when we are counseled to see through a spiritual perspective that we are part of a bigger picture.

Unusually this is not something most men experience, but women as they age feel like they are invisible and of less value to their workplace and career, their partners, and their family but ultimately, we feel less value to ourselves! The internal bully has it out for you, and you start to believe what you tell yourself and the situation snowballs.

So how do we politely remove that internal bully and ignore the constant reminder that we are of less value at work, from our nearest and dearest or from what we see in the media. I want to be a new voice in your head, one that is loving and strong, one that is telling you for the first time, age is natural, it’s beautiful and if you can get past the fear, you’ll see every day is a privilege to age.

I have personally experienced ageism during my years in advertising. I know what it’s like to feel ‘of less value’ in the more subtle unassuming way. Ageism is the most accepted form of discrimination and that makes it very dangerous on many levels. So, what did I do after I felt that ageism pang? I decided that I would determine my own value thank you very much and started my own business. Did you see that? Rather than blaming the advertising industry and its bias attitudes, I decided to keep my power and use it for good! Meaning… so often our circumstances force us to blame the situation ie. ‘Ageism attitudes from organisations are not giving me the job or …’ and we give our power away by falling victim to those negative beliefs. So next time, try and see it as life’s rite of passage, ask yourself ‘Is this the universe telling me to start my own business, work for a different organisation, change careers, change friends or partners! Yes, I invite you to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER! The changes start with you.

Right now, the quiet resignation is happening, as people want to feel more valued at work and are seeking more meaning. Perhaps this is life forcing us into embracing who we are.

Here are 3 simple things that you can do every day to embrace your age and love the age you are in.

  1. MORNING INTENTIONS - Kick the internal bully out, she’ll be there when you wake up, so make a conscious effort to say thank you and send her back to her cave. Now invite the positive loving you out, she’s the one who coaches her friends, her partner, kids, and the clients. Ask her to decide your intentions for the day.

  2. FEEL GOOD – Do what it takes to feel good. Walk, stretch and eat yummy food that makes you FEEL GOOD and the best bit, laugh as much as you can.

  3. DON’T RETIRE – Personally, I think the word retirement is outdated and negative. You may change your career from corporate manager to golfer or writer, but keep your purpose going, it will give energy and joy to every part of your life.

By Scarlett Vespa

Founder, AGERICH

IG @agerich_co

FB @agerichbymrsv

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